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Juniper Gate

By Remington Homes



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Welcome to Juniper Gate, an active living community of bungalows, bungalow lofts, and townhomes at Hartwell Road and No. 10 Side Road in Georgetown, where smalltown charm and an effortless way of life are delicately woven into the ethos of the community. Here the delicate elegance of countryside living provides an inspiring perspective; where friends are neighbors, and no favor is ever too great. With beautifully designed bungalows, expertly crafted townhomes, and wellness-inspired living amid an idyllic setting of parks, trails and nature, Juniper Gate is one and the same.


Essence Homes

Essence Homes has been years in the making, decades perhaps, because we became who we are the moment you decided you were looking for us. What we do is so natural that it’s timeless. More than build homes, we create places to in which to live and love, to grow, to be with family. There is beauty in that. A modern aesthetic now shapes what you see, forming subtly each habit and characteristic. Technology, art, and imagination release hidden qualities, special talents that were before unexpressed. Invisible walls make the privacy of the inside and the community outside both belong to the same thing. Here is a piece of the world, with lived experiences creating a truly unique individual. Walkthrough the neighborhood, open the door, step over the entrance, and take a seat. This is the moment that has been years in the making. Welcome back to yourself. The essence of what we do, of why we do it, is you. That’s all a home needs. It has always been so.



Uplift Your Lifestyle.

Juniper Gate  is coming to No 10th Side Rd. and Hartwell Road. The location, in the heart of Georgetown, represents everything that makes the community so unique. Beautiful, tree-lined streets are set against a close, tight-knit neighbourhood, which glows with collective pride, a sense of belonging, and a shared feeling of altruism. Here you’ll find people from all walks of life, something new to discover around every corner, and a feeling that you have finally arrived where you were meant to be.

Area Amenities

Days in the Life


Juniper Gate is a new beginning for families, where they have access to everything they could want or need: from an array of restaurants and public markets, to parkland and recreational facilities, schools and shopping.





About the Builder

The Remington Group Inc. is a privately held company with substantial land holdings which develops and operates an extensive cross-section of residential, retail, commercial, and income properties. With more than 65 years of experience building dynamic communities in Southern Ontario, The Remington Group Inc. has evolved into one of the province’s largest land developers.
At the core of this organization rests the skillful and inspired leadership of brothers Rudolph Bratty, Chairman and CEO, and Jerry Bratty, Chief Operating Officer. Today, a third generation of Bratty brothers has joined Rudolph and Jerry in maintaining Remington’s ongoing commitment to quality and innovation.

Remington is widely recognized for its community-driven building philosophy and works closely with all levels of government to formulate nimble policy frameworks and forward-thinking plans to ensure each project is built to last.

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